Transportation Capabilities

An oilfield trucking company based in Casper, Wyoming, MTI has the equipment and the personnel to handle almost any load you might have.  We  have transported everything from a load of yearbooks that need to arrive in time for graduation, to replacement parts for a mining operation, or delivery and setup of a 500 barrel  tank battery on an oilfield location.  Our cranes can be used to haul and set building trusses  at a construction site, or deliver and set up highway  light poles.

Our pickup and one ton trucks can haul oilfield equipment or any other load you might have, up to 10,000 pounds.  Our two ton trucks can haul up to 20,000 pounds.  Our winch trucks are able to carry up to 60,000 pounds.  Our cranes are truck mounted and can carry their own load with them to their destination.  This makes hauling a load and getting it set up much faster and much more economical for our customers.  Our crane operators are certified through the NCCCO and participate in regular safety training.

All of our trucks have GPS Tracking technology on board which allows us to monitor their movement electronically from our office.  This technology allows us to operate more efficiently and economically.

With McKendree Trucking, Inc., logistics are our specialty.  We can manage your transportation requirements for all your projects, large or small, from beginning to end.

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